Come One~! Come All~!

'Ey! Name's Dagger.

I do say, if you like what you see here at the circus....why don't you stay a while...

i do this awesome thing where i overthink everything and just assume everyone hates me and then end up hating myself it’s so cool

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Why can’t I have a cute tumblr girlfriend

The 13th person really did exist you know.. Master Phelps’ true murderer. 

— The person I reblogged this from has a great blog and you should follow it.

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May I ask where you got your Rose Lalonde wig? It's very lovely. uwu
─ Anonymous

To be honest I got the wig I used for Rose at a little magic shop near where I live known as IllusionsPlus.

sorry it took so long to answer this ;A;

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